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Our Happy Beehives are located on the shores of Lake Taupō, where they have views across the lake and enjoy the sun all day long. 

The bees collect honey and pollen from the local native trees, including Whauwhaupaku (Five Finger), Kamahi, Rewarewa (NZ Honeysuckle) as well as the bee-friendly plants we have in our garden. 


We are in our seventh year of keeping bees and are committed to sharing the honey our Happy Bees collect direct from the hive. 

It is not pasteurised, heated or creamed and may contain traces of all the good bits like pollen, propolis, royal jelly and wax. 

We can show you the bees which collected the honey you are eating , and the trees they collected the honey from. 

We believe we have a full organic system in place; the locations of our hives mean the amount of spray the bees come into contact with is either nil or seriously minimal. Our apiaries are surrounded by native bush and very little commercial farming. Our own properties are completely spray free. 

Whilst many beekeepers still control varroa mite using 100% chemical treatment strips we have a 100% organic treatment program. Two or three times a year we insert homemade strips soaked in oxalic acid which kills off the mites and has minimal effect upon the bees. In between these strips we use BVP powder that contains thyme which creates an environment the varroa do not like and ensures we can control the Varroa population whilst our honey boxes are on the hives. (oxalic acid is not present when honey boxes are in place).

This method takes a lot of time and effort to continuously monitor but we believe it is important to be able to provide you with the best product possible. 


We are also offering services to hobby beekeepers and property owners to assist in keeping beehives healthy and managing the pests that can effect bees and the environment.


Enjoy the fruits of our bee's labour and our pristine environment, try our Bee Happy Honey Co products.  

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